About us

Bridge of Weir Festival Committee's aims are to raise funds for and organise the annual Festival Week, and to facilitate fund raising for other voluntary groups in the village.

The village's Festival Week is the main event of the year and takes a lot of organising. It takes a lot of funding, too, and relies very much upon the time and dedication of many volunteers. On this website, you can find out more about what we do and also see some of the results, so please feel free to browse and to comment.

Bridge of Weir's Festival Week has been a feature of our summer for many years and it has been run by various groups. Since 2002, however, it has been organised exclusively by the Bridge of Weir Festival Committee.

The committee is made up of local residents whose aim is to continue the community spirit that events such as the Gala Day and Festival Week engender in towns and villages throughout the land. That spirit is maintained by engaging with all of the community - businesses, schools, churches, youth groups and partner organisations such as the Tenants and Residents' Association (TARA), Brighter Bridge of Weir, and others.

The committee's work is not confined to Festival Week, however. Every year since 2001, in the build-up to Christmas our 'Santa's Sleigh' tours the village playing festive season music while raising funds - not just for Festival Week, but for many of the local community groups from senior citizens' to play schools. In fact, it's been so successful that it now includes the surrounding communities of Kilmacolm, Houston, Brookfield and Quarrier's Village.

Bridge of Weir Festival Committee works year long to help maintain a feeling of community and wellbeing in our village.

Some of our other activities

Gala Day and Festival Week are our major annual events. But we are involved in many other events throughout the year, such as activities for Senior Citizens, a weekend trip for residents and fund-raising for other local organisations including childrens' and youth groups.

There's more about this on our 'Other events' page.